Thursday, 15 September 2011

tEaPoT uPdAte...

A little while ago we were researching the possibility of using beautiful teapots made by zero japan.  A friend (thanks Jane), then alerted us to these beauties, made by Typhoon with Ching He Huang.
So we have ordered some and as you can see they are just as beautiful and come with their own fine mesh infuser, perfect for our delicious loose leaf teas. Can't wait to try them out!!


  1. What a lovely tea pot , i love the colour and the chocolate cakes to the right look pretty scrummy too x

  2. These tea pots are absolutely perfect and seem to fit in nicely with your beautiful retro items in the loft.

  3. perfect :)
    they will be right at home with you, I am off to check them out for my daily cuppa :)

  4. A perfect teapot for a perfect Teashop!. Please open a branch in Devon! It's a bit of journey from here but I hope to visit it one day. Hope it all goes well, sure it will be a great success.