Sunday, 28 August 2011

Follow the Sign...

Design by Stuart Hammersley 'Give up Art'
Our lovely friend Tim, a local artist, has painted our sign! It will be going up on the front of the Loft over the next couple of days.
Tim is a brilliant artist and has studio in the village that he shares with his also very talented wife Julie.  Check out their blog 'Saunders & Co' to see some of their brilliant work. 

Tim and Julie will hopefully be displaying some of their work at 'The Loft'. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks Tim - Love the Sign x


  1. Hi Shella,
    I'm so glad you finally got your tea room! If it's anything like your house and it offers the same wonderful hospitality you bestow upon others, it will be amazing. Good luck and if I'm ever that way on i'll be sure to visit.
    Tracy x

  2. Hey Shella, i love reading about people's journeys as they follow their dreams.

    Your tea rooms by the sea sound lovely and I wish you all the best and am sure all the hard work and long hours will pay off.

    Looooove the lamp shades you made, they look fab. Wish I lived closer so I could enjoy a cuppa and cake at The Loft.........

    Claire :}

  3. I 'followed the sign' into the tea rooms today and have to say all the hard work I see you have put in has been well worth it. A truly lovely place with great atmosphere, friendly service and quality produce. I'll be finding an excuse to come back as often as I can. Well done