Saturday, 22 October 2011

w E a R E O p E N !!!

Phew - we have literally not had time to breath - so firstly let me apologise for the delay in updating the blog!!

We had whats known as a 'Soft Launch' on Sunday 25th September, basically family and friends came!  We cooked lots of mini treats and served cocktails made from tea (and vodka!) which were very popular, and the Champagne flowed.

Angel Adoree - The Vintage Tea Party
The cocktails were inspired by this book, which you must see/read if you haven't already!

The launch went really well, and a BIG BIG thank you to our family and friends whom without their support and enthusiasm, I may not be writing about our success so far today!

We officially opened on 28th September, a beautiful sunny day in Tollesbury, and since then the Sun has not stopped shining!!
The support and feedback from our first few weeks has been great.  We have opened with a relatively simple menu offering light lunch and homemade cakes!  Whilst talking cakes, I must mention that Emma has had nothing but compliments about her delicious treats!  Here's a list of just a few we have offered since opening:
Coconut and Lime,
Sticky Apple, Gingerbread and Pecan Loaf,
Lumberjack cake (apple and date with a coconut topping)
Mocha (made with our own freshly ground coffee)
and of course not forgetting her daily special of freshly baked scones! and plenty more...
Is your mouth watering yet?? Emma changes the cakes a few times a week so generally customers never know what to expect!!
The weather is now turning a little chilly so our menu will be changing to include homemade soups and stew etc. 

Our Tea and Coffee supplied by the lovely 'Butterworth and Son' have also been receiving their own fair share of compliments too.  It's a pleasure to serve such quality products!  This week we have started serving their new addition to loose leaf tea 'GLAMOUR' A half-fermented Oolong tea delicately blended with exotic fruit & rose petals. Pleasing to the eye and exciting to the taste. It tastes beautiful!

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, aronia berries, mango cubes, passion fruit flavouring, rose petals.

So if you live nearby, or can come and visit we would love to see you.  Thank you to all those that have been keeping an eye on the blog and have already visited, especially Jenny, a very talented local artist who has been following the blog and will be displaying some of her beautiful work at 'The Loft', I will share more in another post very soon.  I will leave you with some pics.  I'll add some more in another post, you can also see some more in my Flickr photostream, see link at the bottom of the page.

A customers bike parked outside!


  1. How lovely and exciting - plenty of scope of making little arrangements in all the corners!
    All the best

  2. looking great, so excited for you...hope one day to take a little jolly over that way and pop in :)
    lots of luck x x x x x x x x

  3. Well done Shella! It looks great, hope you get lots of nice customers xxx

  4. Shella/Emma

    Lily and I were really glad to be able to come and see The Loft last Sunday, with the Goddards and enjoy Emma's baking. The Loft is perfect in every way. Can you remind me of your opening hours for the winter?

    Michele x

  5. It looks lovely just the kind of place i like to stop at and have tea and homemade cakes ,wishing you lots of luck and success xx