Monday, 21 March 2011

Time to Party .....

Obviously here in the UK (well here in Tollesbury anyway!) we are using the excuse of the wedding of  'Kate and Wills' to have a good ol' Royal knees up!!
We (The Loft) have been invited to have a stall at the event, what better way to introduce us to the village ?
Our lovely tea suppliers (Butterworth and Sons) are even making a special 'Royal Wedding Blend'!
There will be bunting, china cups and floral pinnies a plenty.  We did originally plan to officially open 'The Loft' during the same weekend, but, due to Local Council planning rules and regulations!! that may be slightly delayed.  I wont go into detail as I dont wish to bore you but they are not my 'best friends' at the moment, (hope none of them read this blog, I will have even longer delays!).  So I'll just keep smiling and carry on making the bunting.


  1. Sounds like a great way to meet your new potential customers and you get to drink tea and wear a frilly pinny...perfect :) x x x x x

  2. i think thats a wonderful way to meet potential customers.. what a lovely idea for the day...
    i think im going to pop my veil in and watch it all on the tv!!

  3. just found your blog and want to wish you good luck with your new venture...recently was in maldon on a very cold day so when we come back that way will pop in....

  4. Wonderful blog! i spent many a happy time in my childhood in Tollesbury! i loved it there so much, i still have dreams about it ;0)
    Im now living in Devon, but one day i will return and live out my dreams ;0)s
    Good luck with your tea room x
    lovely blog ;0)x

  5. I love your blog...I'm a tea lover too :-)

  6. Have good fun and enjoy that your dreams come true!!!