Friday, 4 March 2011

Local Tea - Part 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I had an appointment with Butterworth & Sons' of Suffolk with a view to using their products at 'The Loft', and, to sample their teas, coffee and hot choc.
Unfortunately technology wont allow you to smell the photo, and it really doesn't do justice to the beautiful colours of the teas (you can actually eat the fruit tea - pictured in the cup on the right)!
Myself and Emma (best friend and business partner - I will give you a full introduction in another post) were quite excited about our first business meeting with a supplier (sad eh), and a great meeting it was.  We were so impressed by not only their lovely range and superiority of the products, but by them too.  A real family business that are dedicated to supplying quality.  We are really looking forward to giving our customers the delicious loose leaf teas (that they can take home too),  as well as a lovely smooth coffee from freshly ground beans (it's gonna smell good), and divine creamy hot choc.  Its really driven us to source as many local producers and suppliers as possible, next up 'Crisps from Essex' and Ice Cream, we'll keep you posted.


  1. This all looks fabulous, can't wait to see and read more.
    Where is Tollesbury ? I had a beach hut in Whitstable which we sold just before leaving the UK, we adored our hut so much so that my husband has recently bought another ...

  2. I just stumbled into your Loft by the sea . How nice 4 u are you doing all the renovations by your self ? I am in New Jersey USA and we dont have such gorgeous beach houses here, not like those anyway...They are nostalgic , here they are just big or new, unless it is a victorian house by the sea, some of those are nice here...

  3. Congratulations there is nothing like haveing your own business and all the wonderful people your going to meet....

  4. I can't wait for your shop to open since I'm a bit of a tea connoisseur myself. There is nothing better than a lovely china cup filled with a deliciously hot, scented and golden-coloured brew.

  5. Hi!

    Do you have an email address i can contact you on regarding some other supplies you may be interested in?! I can't find any contact details on here!!

    Sophie x

  6. Hi Sophie - I have now updated my profile to show my email address - hope this helps.