Friday, 4 March 2011

Nifty Thrifty

This week I managed to do a little Charity Shop Shopping!!  One of my favourite pastimes, that I don't get nearly enough time to do.  I love trawling through the bric a brac. Found these lovely cups and plates for 'The Loft' this week, and the tins I will use for styling/decor.

My favourite secondhand shop also came up trumps!!
The frame will be used for a blackboard, and I will be covering the seat of the chair with some nice vintage fabric to pretty it up a little.
The lovely apron was a gift from my Mum.
Vintage tins and Sundae dishes, not sure its going to fit in my little ol' shed!! it's already bursting at the seams!!


  1. oo love the chair and the frame will be fab with a blackboard in it...
    lovely buys aswell.. you cant beat a good haul from the charity shops can you!
    charl x

  2. ooh those cups are divine are they destined for the tea room? Rx

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    T&A: Yep the cups (and the rest of it for that matter) will certainly be heading down to the tearoom x

  4. Love what you are planning to do in the sail loft. I adore your taste. My husband and I are planning to rent one of the offices above you to start a new business of our own Should be from 1st April. We will hopefully be one of your first customers. Look forward to seeing your next instalment. June x

  5. Love it all especially the biscuit barrel on the chair!