Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Consent at Last!!!

Hi - Yes we are still here!!
It's just that my enthusiasm had been taking a battering due to the slowness of the Local Council, but now we can moooove on at last!  We have been granted our Listed Building consent to remove the internal wall - hurrah!
So this week it has been removed and we can now plan our kitchen space properly.  I'll post a photo of our progress so far in the next post.  So apologies to anyone who reads this blog and has been waiting for the next instalment!! Posting now will be a bit more frequent!

We are also now sorting the china that I have been collecting for the last couple of years and there were some beauties that I had forgotten about!  It allowed us to see what we still need to get too -
t E a P o T s!!!
We haven't enough teapots!
We do have a couple of brown bettys' but I have been trawling the internet for some alternatives.  A friend of mine recently attended a course with Esther Coombs. She upcycles vintage china with her beautiful hand drawn illustrations, (although watch this space, my friend is hot on her heels with her own designs which are beautiful too!!, we shall be selling them at 'The Loft').  Ok, so the course she attended was held at High Tea of Highgate  a gorgeous tearoom and we are loving their teapots!

They are made by Zero Japan and as you can see come in a range of beautiful colours!!  There are a couple of suppliers in the UK, so these are on our shopping list, the hardest thing will be to decide which colour(s)!  They are perfect for loose leaf teas as they have an inbuilt infuser - so no need for a clumsy strainer. Nice eh!

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