Friday, 6 May 2011

Our Identi - Tea!

Sorry for the bad pun!! but great news as mentioned in the previous post our lovely friends at 'Give up Art' have been working on our identity.  They have been a couple of our closest friends (husband and wife, Emma and Scooby) for years (it's great having clever friends eh!) and we were really chuffed when Scooby (real name Stuart) was happy to design our logo!

 Like it?  We love it!! 
This is in fact our postcard which we managed to have in time for the recent Royal Wedding event.
Reverse of Postcard
As you can see we had some stickers too.  It is intended that the logo (used for stickers) can be put onto any background, pretty vintage patterns, gingham etc.  The colours used can be changed according to seasons, events etc. it's extremely versatile.  So you'll be seeing the logo popping up here and there now as we intend to look into getting some gingham aprons made, and maybe tea-towels? mugs?  We love the simple detail like the small wavy line under 'The Loft'.  Speaking of the 'wavy line' ~~~~  imagine our excitement when we saw a lovely vintage cabinet on Ebay with the same detail on the glass doors!!! We were determined that the cabinet would be ours and were delighted when in fact we were the only bidders!!!  I will take a better picture of it soon but here it is in action!
So Thanks Emma and Scoob were so chuffed and it really feels like 'Our Identity' a major step forward!!


  1. Absolutely perfect your logo! I love the simplicity of the graphics and the wavy line makes it that little bit more fun. I can certainly imagine it all on mugs, plates, and T shirts. What fun...

  2. Hey there,

    Just found your blog via the Granny Chic group on Flickr. You have great taste :-)