Saturday, 12 February 2011

Out with the Old..

So last weekend was spent clearing out all the old bits and bobs and unwanted fixtures and fittings!  It was great just being down there by the water, and although rather blustery and grey, there were lots of families etc. taking a walk and I couldnt help getting rather excited by the prospect of  them maybe in future stopping by the tearoom for a nice cup of tea and cake!! 
The two large shutters open up and behind the left hand one is the entrance, and behind the right is a large picture window.  I am in the process of sorting out the front steps.
This is the existing kitchen that will eventually be the new toilet.
This is the office which will be the new sparkly kitchen!!


The main cafe area where all the table and chairs will be.  You can see the entrance and picture window as previously mentioned.
As you can see by the pics it's a great space.  It will be painted white to not only make the most of light and space but to show off all the colourful vintage china.  It is also intended to display work by local artists and crafters and I will be featuring some of them on the blog too.
I'm signing off for now but have got more posts lined up.  Before I go I would like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU for all the lovely comments and emails I've had in support of 'The Loft' your encouragement and support means so much. xxx


  1. How exciting this looks wonderful :)

  2. oooh, it looks lovely, well done you and good luck, perhaps in the future you'll be stocking some olive oil and olives etc. from my organic farm in portugal???????? bought over on an empty truck that needs a yearly MOT in UK so no wasted miles?
    the youngs are here, with lula and her fractured thumb
    rick and sarah

  3. Wow - Thanks so much Rick and Sarah -
    Olive Oil and Olives - YES PLEASE!!!!!!
    Hope you are both well and thanks for taking time to comment etc.
    Big Kiss - Shella