Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introducing....... "The Loft"

Photo taken by Annikka
Lovely aren't they?  Yes the nearest Sail Loft on this picture will be the venue for my tearoom.  I'm now officially the tenant and currently gathering workmen etc. to make it all happen.  The intended opening date will (hopefully) be the Royal Wedding weekend (29th/30th April 2011 (imagine the bunting!!!!)).  I have been collecting vintage and retro china for a good few years now (photos to follow soon), which is currently piled high in my shed, (I'm sure that there are a few gems in there that I've forgotten about).  It's going to be called.... 'The Loft'. It is after all a 'Sail Loft' and it's a name which I feel will be easy for people to remember and quote.  I am so excited about this new venture but at the same time nervous, as obviously I need to consider and still be there for my family, add to the house purse, and although a little embarrased to say, do something for me again.  It's been a dream for a while now, and how could I turn down the opportunity of one of the lovely sail lofts being made available for rent??  I've bitten the bullet and taking the risk with support of great family and friends.  So I'm gonna be blogging my way through the process, please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I welcome it all!  I think that's it for my first post.  Ive got lots more to tell you already and will be posting again soon. x
By the way thanks very much to Annikka for letting me use her beautiful photograph, good luck with your projects too!


  1. I am so excited for you, your mood boards look lovely and I know with your amazing style it will be fantastic :) wishing you lots of luck and fun with this venture. I look forward to following your journey
    Love from Jane x x x x

  2. oh my goodness! this is the most exciting news, i am giddy just thinking about how lovely you will make it all look. i wish you the bestest of luck in your new adventure and have no doubt with some 'high hopes' it will be a wonderful success :)

  3. Shella, Al posted this on Facebook, looks like it is going to be amazing.

    Look forward to hearing more.


  4. Oooh, having major loft envy! Good luck with your looks very exciting.
    Fee x

  5. How wonderful, congratualtions. I have been a fan of your flickr photos for a long time...I am sure the cafe will be just as beautiful as your home is. Lou x

  6. This is going to be super! I can't wait to see the transformations :)

  7. Oh wow this is so exciting! Can't wait to tag along for the ride.